Eversolo Audio Technology Co.,Ltd (Eversolo Audio) is invested by Zidoo Technology Co.,Ltd. The core founding team members have engaged in the development and management among HiFi industry for many years. The R&D team covers audio decoding, analog audio, acoustic tuning, amplifiers, system integration, user experience and so on. The main business includes audio playback devices, HiFi DAC and amplifiers etc.

Founded in Napier, New Zealand by electronics guru Peter Perreaux with a $1000 investment. The first product to market was the now legendary “GS 2002”, an integrated Class A transistor Hi Fi amplifier capable of an impressive albeit modest 22W per channel.

PERREAUX designs, engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art, audiophile-class, amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers and audio equipment.

PERREAUX employs highly-skilled and qualified designers, engineers and technicians to create sound experiences – not just sound equipment. PERREAUX sources the finest componentry available for their designs and meticulously assemble by hand. Their products are thoughtfully designed and expertly finished, engineered to last a lifetime.

The multi-award-winner 2xHD label is reputed as one of the world’s finest producers of audiophile albums. 2xHD operates in all music fields from music production and audiophile recording in analog and DXD/DSD 256 – which is 256x the resolution of a CD – or licencing and remastering vintage tapes and marketing them in audiophile vinyl, magnetic tape and/or all the highest resolution download digital formats.

Zidoo is a leading manufacturer of ARM multi-core architecture industrial and consumer electronics, which has a team with more than 40% software and hardware R&D personnel and factory with multi-field technology.

Zidoo focuses on home audio-visual equipment like 4K home theater media player and Hi-Fi audiophile products, more than 80% of which are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.


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Started in 1991 by Roger Skoff, XLO cables leapfrogged to become know as “best in the world” by passionate users, audio reviewers and audio professionals. Roger’s fundamental take on cables was that cables should be neutral – that cables should neither add anything to, nor subtract anything from the signal, and must never distort or modify the signal in any way. And to deliver on the objective, Roger’s new cables had to deal effectively with the physics of signal transmission. Roger applied his background in mathematics to address the fundamental barrier to cable neutrality– the fields of electromagnetic and electrostatic energy and the complex relationship between the two fields.

And to this day, be it digital, video or analog, absolute neutrality is the design goal for every XLO cable. And within the limits imposed by budget, materials and technology, this has become XLO’s reputation.

Sivga is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and customer service. Sivga focuses on the innovation and production of high-end headphones. It has a rich experience and technology in the headphone acoustics industry. The key engineering team is formed by many elites from the electronic and acoustic field. From raw materials to finished products, the mastery spirit from all Sivga staff is gathered together to bring extraordinary quality life experienceto the customers.

Focusing refines the quality of time. Persisting polishes the delicate feeling. Sivga always believes that in order to make a delicate and perfect product, every step and part of the work must be done carefully with good implementation. Only in this way can the product stand the test of time.

Staying true to the founding mission is the enterprise philosophy that Sivga has been adhering to and implementing.