Established in 1991 by the visionary André Perry, 2xHD, a subsidiary of Fidelio Technologies Inc., has swiftly ascended as a beacon in the audiophile realm, renowned for producing high-quality albums. This label, celebrated for its scrupulous recording and mastering techniques, excels across a spectrum of musical genres, from classical to jazz. 2xHD‘s acclaim is anchored in its proprietary system, lauded for its technical excellence and versatility in both analog and cutting-edge digital formats like DXD/DSD 256. Moreover, 2xHD‘s expertise extends to the realms of licensing and the meticulous remastering of vintage tapes.

At 2xHD‘s creative core is André Perry, the legendary music producer whose formidable career spans a diverse range of musical styles and collaborations with eminent artists. Perry, the mastermind behind the famed Le Studio (Morin Heights), infuses 2xHD with his vast experience, shaping its ethos of uncompromising quality and innovation. Complementing Perry’s vision is René Laflamme, the esteemed technical director, whose proficiency in recording and mastering is pivotal to the label’s success. Under their stewardship, 2xHD‘s pioneering 2xHD Fusion Mastering System represents a groundbreaking synthesis of analog and digital technologies, meticulously crafted to replicate sound that is true to the original recordings.

2xHD‘s guiding philosophy is the pursuit of transparency in sound, a quest to achieve a quality they articulate as “sounds like nothing at all.” This dedication to sonic neutrality allows listeners to immerse in the music in its most unadulterated form, highlighting the finesse of the audio system and the subtleties of the recording.

The label’s relentless commitment to sonic excellence mirrors the collective expertise and vision of André Perry and his adept team, including administrative partner Yaël Brandeis Perry. Together, they oversee every facet of the production process, from selecting the finest materials to the ultimate mastering phase, ensuring outcomes that resonate with the discerning expectations of audiophiles and music aficionados. 2xHD, thus, stands as a symphony of technical acumen, musical sagacity, and unwavering dedication to audio fidelity, distinguishing itself as a venerated emblem in the echelons of high-quality music production.

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