Founded in 1974 in Napier, New Zealand, by the visionary electronics expert Peter Perreaux, Perreaux began its journey with a humble $1000 investment and quickly evolved into a remarkable export success story. The company’s inaugural product, the ‘GS 2002’ Class A transistor Hi-Fi amplifier, boasting a 22W per channel output, swiftly gained legendary status, setting the stage for Perreaux‘s bright future.

Perreaux‘s robust, reliable solid-state amplifier designs laid the groundwork for an expanded product range that now includes high-quality preamplifiers, power amplifiers, and loudspeakers. Catering to both the audiophile and professional audio markets, Perreaux has cemented its reputation in New Zealand and globally for delivering exceptional power, performance, and personality. Their products have become synonymous with quality, making an indelible mark in concert halls and the homes of discerning music lovers worldwide.

The company’s enduring focus is on the design, engineering, and manufacturing of state-of-the-art, audiophile-class amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers, and audio equipment. Perreaux‘s team of skilled designers, engineers, and technicians is not just creating sound equipment; they are crafting sound experiences. This commitment extends to their meticulous sourcing of the finest components and the hand-assembly of their products, ensuring that every Perreaux creation is thoughtfully designed, expertly finished, and engineered to last a lifetime.

Under the leadership of Managing Director Edwin Nieman, Perreaux operates with a philosophy centered on creating beautiful, functional objects. These masterpieces, often unseen by most, resonate deeply with those who appreciate the perfect blend of aesthetic and functionality. Driven by a profound passion for music, Perreaux is dedicated to producing precision audio products that excel in both beauty and functionality.

At Perreaux, personal care and attention to detail are paramount in the crafting of each product. The team’s approach involves meticulous hand-building, rigorous testing, and comprehensive support for every item produced. At the heart of Perreaux‘s ethos is a dedication to perfecting the finer details, ensuring that every audio product not only meets but surpasses expectations in performance and design

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